AGNI is a no-profit-oriented project started by Mr. Krishna Kumar Vairassery with the help of his friends Mr. Rajith and Mr. Jithesh S . That time there were few documents available on Athirathram ritual in the internet

It aims at documenting the Yaga, Athirathram-Agnichayanam or simply Agni with focus on the Panjal performance in 1975, in this website.The project launched in 2011

      The principal purpose of this site is to inform the general public of the worldview, the philosophy of life, the spiritual insight of the Indians keeping the oldest surviving ritual of mankind, the Vedic rituals, as the background.

      Our website offers a very slight beginning of a learning to respect the giftedness of all native people of India.

      We would like to acknowledge the help rendered by Mr.Muttathukattu Mamunna Subramanyan Nampoothiri, Mr. Vairassery K. M. Nampoothiri, Mr. Neelamana Vishnu Potti, Mr. Mudappilappilly Mana Rajkumar, Mr. Asko Parpola (University of Helsinki, Finland) ,Mr. P V . Abhijith, Pazhayedathu Mana(Thrissur) and Mr. Matthew Clark (California, USA).

      Thanks to Mr. Frits Staal (University of California, Berkeley) for his valuable books (AGNI - the Vedic ritual of the fire altar, Volume I & II, Asian Humanities Press, Berkeley) which served as the major resource for this work.

Photo Courtesy : AGNI - the Vedic ritual of the fire altar, Volume I & II, Asian Humanities Press, Berkeley

      We hope you enjoy your tour through the various pages and will benefit from this site. If you care to call or write, we will do our best to include your suggestions and your documents, in this regard.


                                         Jithesh, Krishna kumar & Rajith

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